Health Care Professionals Recruitment & Procurement

About Us

Welcome to Curantis recruitment,  we aim to provide the most experienced efficient staffing solutions to care organisations across the UK.

Our aim is to ensure your staffing needs are Kept to minimum, with the reassurance  of experienced staff available in your area to ensure that you and your clients are accommodated and feel secure.

We Aim To

Curantis is a recruitment specialises organisation in providing healthcare, Social Care staff to care organisations across the UK with trained staff in multiple areas of the care sector. 


Curantis work alongside all care sectors to identify the best way forward in delivering care to individuals who require specialist intervention.

Our aim is for you to be number one!

We know that

good resource, makes for excellent care.

With years of experience in recruiting and providing healthcare professional staffing,we know that people are critical to developing truly effective Staff Banks. We will achieve exceptional fill rates and cost savings by deploying dedicated on site staff, to work with you and your care needs.


Contact Us

Please feel free to contact me via email with any questions you may have.